Sliding Patio Doors

Form and function combine in Spring Hill Patio Doors. Not only do they open up living spaces in your home, they also perform like no other. Durable vinyl profiles coupled with advanced energy efficiency translate into high-performance in all climate seasons in all areas of the country. Operating with finger-tip ease, Spring Hill Patio Doors feature a variety of decorative options to blend with any home style.

Standard Features

  • Fusion-welded sash panels keep out air and water.
  • Galvanized reinforced steel sash profiles add strength and rigidity.
  • Chambered rails reduces thermal exchange and increases insulation values – without adding costly, less recyclable insulating material.
  • Multiple weatherstripping help block most outside noise.
  • 3/4” double strength insulating glass unit multiplies the overall performance.
  • Fixed & mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from the outside almost impossible.
  • Lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.
  • Multipoint steel locking mechanism provides optimum resistance to forced entry.
  • Smooth and quiet operation patented dual-tandem nylon wheels on a raised rail protects the wheels from dirt and debris, minimizes friction and makes for a smoother operation.
  • Heavy duty aluminum screen frame reduces binding, creating effortless operation. Not shown.

Sash Panels

Multiple weatherstripping

Perfectly Meeting and Interlocking Fixed & Mobile Panel Rails

Double-strength 3/4"
Tempered Safety Glass

Chambered Rails

Frame Profiles

Multipoint Steel Locking Mechanism

Lower Sill Design for safety

Galvanized Reinforced Steel Sash Profiles


7700 Patio Doors are available in 2-, 3- or 4-panel configurations in standard and custom sizes. Sidelites and transoms are also available.

The Easiest Doors To Operate In Their Category
If Not The World

Interior/Exterior Colors

*Black interior available only with a black exterior.

Exterior Laminate Colors

Three-week lead time.
Six-week lead time.

Interior Woodgrains

All interior woodgrains are not available with all exterior colors. Restrictions apply. Consult your Wincore representative prior to ordering.

Glass Options

Grid Patterns

Click for larger detail

Grid Colors

* Woodgrain Grid Options available for Patio Doors with Woodgrain Interiors

Standard Handles

Plated Handles

Blind Colors

As an added security measure, Patio Doors can be ordered with an optional heavy-duty durable footbolt. These effective vent-stops prevent the door from opening more than three inches while still allowing for partial ventilation.

Patio Doors feature standard Low E glass and an Argon gas-filled insulating glass unit. Low E glass helps maintain even temperatures inside the home in all climate conditions.