Double Hung

Sashes positioned side-by-side allow the window to close horizontally. An ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, or other rooms of your home that require ventilation.

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Product Description

  • Removable/movable top and bottom sashes allow for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning
  • Welded sash corners create a strong seal for durability and longevity
  • Stylish ComfortLift handles allow for easier lifting and window management
  • Multi-chamber frame provides outstanding energy efficiency and helps lower energy bills



Frame Colors

Grid Options

Glass Tints

Standard Features

  • Product for remodeling applications.
  • The beveled frame design replicates the traditional look of wood.
  • Frames and sash are welded at mitered corners for strength and resilience.
  • Frame profiles are chambered for additional strength and thermal performance.
  • Double-strength glass units with Low E / Argon-filled gas.
  • U-channel spacer design is more efficient than box spacers.
  • The interlocking design of the meeting rail secures the sash tightly together around weatherstripping to help prevent drafts.
  • Sill has a sloped design to prevent water from pooling in heavy rains.
  • Closed-cell foam sill bulb protects against air and water infiltration at the sill.
  • Easy-to-move sash remain in any open position because of a durable, constant force coil spring balance system.
  • Both top and bottom sash tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home.
  • Dual pop-out vent latches allow the sash to partially open for ventilation.

Chambered Frame Profiles

Welded, mitered corners

Dual Paned 3/4" Inset Glass
with Low E & Argon Gas

Weatherseals at
Key Points

Sloped Sill Design

Closed-Cell Foam
Sill Bulb

Interior/Exterior Colors

Exterior Laminate Colors

Three-week lead time.
Six-week lead time.

Interior Woodgrains

All interior woodgrains are not available with all exterior colors. Restrictions apply. Consult your Wincore representative prior to ordering.

Glass Options

Grid Patterns

Internal Grid Options

SDL Interior and Exterior Grids

For a classic look, simulated divided lite (SDL) grids are available. SDL grids are placed on the outside of the glass surface and are available in all exterior colors and interior surfaces.

Cam Locks

At the point where the operable sash meets, the interlocking design of the meeting rail or stile secures sash tightly together.

Windows with operable sash move smoothly and easily because of a constant force coil spring balance system.

Double Hung windows feature a vent latch for partial ventilation.

A spacer system with a U-channel design inside the I.G. is more efficient than conventional box spacers.

Low-profile composite cam lock blends into the overall window design.

Windows with operable sash move smoothly and easily because of a constant force coil spring balance system.