Casement / Awning

This window opens outward with a foldaway handle that prevents interference with your curtains. Pair it beautifully with matching Awning and Picture windows.

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Product Description

  • Single unit hinged for opening either left or right
  • Double unit hinged for opening: one left, one right
  • Triple unit hinged for opening: one left, one right, fixed center unit
  • Matching Awning and Picture windows
  • Multi-point locking system enhances strength and security
  • The foldaway handle does not interfere with curtains



Casement Window

Frame Colors

Grid Options

Glass Tints

Standard Features

  • Single operating¬†unit where the sash opens outward from the side.
  • Choose from either a right-hinged or left-hinged style.
  • Beveled frame is dimensional.
  • Both frame and sash are welded at mitered corners.
  • Frame profiles are chambered to add strength and rigidity.
  • Sash crank out with a single, easy-to-use handle to 90-degrees for full ventilation.
  • Heavy-duty sash hinge support.
  • Sash are secured at multiple points with one handle.
  • Crank handles fold down for a streamlined look.
  • Also available as a fixed (non-operating) unit.

Awning Windows also available

Awning windows are very similar to Casement windows, but are hinged at the top of the window. Opening from the bottom, Awning window sash open towards the outside of the home.

3/4" Inset Glass with
Low E & Argon Gas

Chambered Frame Profiles

Folding Handles

Optional Left or Right Hinged

Interior/Exterior Colors

* Factory-applied exterior coated colors.
* Black interior only available with black exterior.

Exterior Laminate Colors

Three-week lead time.
Six-week lead time.

Interior Woodgrains

All interior woodgrains are not available with all exterior colors. Restrictions apply. Consult your Wincore representative prior to ordering.

Glass Options

Grid Patterns

Internal Grid Options

SDL Interior and Exterior Grids

For a classic look, simulated divided lite (SDL) grids are available. SDL grids are placed on the outside of the glass surface and are available in all exterior colors and interior surfaces.

Folding Handles

A heavy-duty hinge system securely supports the sash when opened.

Sash are locked at multiple points with one lever.

Crank handles fold down and nest when not in use.

Standard Low E glass with Argon gas helps keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer.